1. "You can’t get dyslexia from pussy." - American Psycho embroidery for my girl Erin #needlecraft #americanpsycho

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  4. Bless the holy hotness that is Rick Mora

  5. This photo makes me want to cast Ezra Miller in everything ever. Just stunning. 


  6. Dream

    Had a hideous dream last night where I was so curious to know if my Zenit had film in it that I felt compelled to open up the hatch, even though I knew it did, somewhere in the back of my mind. I opened it, exposing the film, and I think the photos had clues to something because I was wandering around this limestone castle cursing to the heavens about figuring it (whatever it was) out. Too stressful. 

  7. Alice by me, me by Alice. First picture is her face when I ask her what she would call the children she’s gonna have with Cumberbatch. 

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    Unused Poster concept for “The Master”


  9. Took these last summer during Malmö Festivalen on my Superfat camera. 

  10. Late night calligraphy. More difficult than it looks!

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    "Do me a favor. Send this pic to every modeling agency and town, and tell them you’ve found a face that will really make people stop and stare at their products."

  12. Only Lovers Left Alive was romantic, mysterious, sad, and surprisingly funny. Exquisite performances from Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton. Beautiful soundtrack, too. Jim Jarmusch’s best since Dead Man. Just lovely. 

  13. Alice being a cutie

  14. #styleicon

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  15. Why you do this to me?! Well-dressed men ruin me. UGH.

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