1. Kristen McMenamy in Tim Walker’s Far Far From Land shoot for W magazine (Dec 2013). Getting me all excited about The Muse!

  2. Forever the best. 

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  3. Me with my main chick


  4. "Some people wear fucked up stuff!"
    — Alice
  5. A Single Man (2009)

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  6. All I see is dark swarming behind my eyelids. I dream darkness comes into me. It comes and it’s insidious. Up my nose, into my ears. I feel poisoned.

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  7. Possibly the best photo I’ve seen of him…

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  8. nbchannibal:

    Family portrait

  10. Current sexuality: Katharine Hepburn in drag in Sylvia Scarlett

  11. Forever my favourite gif set 

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  12. He is like a tree. He shelters me. I lie in his shade.

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  13. “There’s something I know when I’m with you that I forget when I’m away.”

    The New World (2005)
    Terrence Malick

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  14. Cousins photog expedition in the Blue Mountains with @georgiegoadsby and @alicebirbara (at Katoomba)

  15. "You can’t get dyslexia from pussy." - American Psycho embroidery for my girl Erin #needlecraft #americanpsycho